Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome comic book

OK, maybe I should say it's a "graphic novel." But back in the day, they were comic books and heaven forbid you actually got caught with one in school!

But seriously, Google has a wonderful way to introduce their new "Chrome" browser:

I haven't tried the new browser yet, but their comic book got me to thinking (again) about how this is yet another way to tell a story--a way that many students would love to try!

I know that macs have a version of "Comic Life" pre-loaded (or at least they did a couple of years ago), and there are other free online comic creators (I'll have to go back through my Bloglines and delicious account to find them). I'd be interested to see what students could come up with if given the chance.

Check out the Google Chrome comic book, and brainstorm some assignments that students could complete in a similar way.

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