Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm a big fan of James Hollis' blog, Teachers Love SMART Boards. I emailed James to ask him about the website, which seems to have disappeard from the internet, and to tell him about my idea for using the Jing Project as an alternative.

He in turn told me about which, like Jing, will allow you to record and then upload a screencast for free, and then to embed that recording in a blog or wiki.

I just looked at the site briefly, and it seems like a winner! Here is a sample screencast that James Hollis created with FreeScreencast:

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Sarah said...

Hi. I think that you'd like ScreenToaster, a free online screen recorder.
Its very easy to use and multi-platform.

Video quality is very good, you can add sound and subtitles and your video can be embed directly on your blog/website.

Have a look on it!

The ScreenToaster team.