Thursday, September 11, 2008

Defining who you are online

I'm reading a terrific article in the New York Times by Clive Thompson entitled "I'm so totally, digitally close to you." Still reading it as a matter of fact, but I simply had to stop reading and post this money quote:

"If you don't dive in, other people will define who you are. So you constantly stream your pictures, your thoughts, your relationship status and what you're doing--right now!-- if only to ensure the virtual version of you is accurate, or at least the one you want to present to the world." A very powerful epiphany.

Thanks to Ira Socol for pointing it out on his SpeEdChange blog, and also for his very intelligent response to the NY Times article in his post entitled "Back to the Future."

I have truly discovered the "strength of weak ties" through my RSS feeds and the people I follow on Twitter.

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