Tuesday, April 25, 2006

FREE Vernier USB temperature probe

Head over to http://www.vernier.com/giveaway/ and register to receive your FREE Go!Temp temperature probe and Logger Lite software. Vernier is giving them away in honor of their 25th anniversary. Every elementary, middle and high school in the United States is eligible!

You'll also find two sample activities on the website that make use of the temperature probe.

Friday, April 21, 2006

TILT- Teachers Improving Learning With Technology

I don't remember how I found the TILT TV blog, but I have to share this great resource! Danny Maas has created several screencasts related to educational technology. He has uploaded them to Google Video and provides them FREE for anyone to use! Here is his latest episode in which he demonstrates a simple, yet impressive project for beginning users of Excel in LESS THAN 9 MINUTES!

Be sure to check out the TILT TV blog at: http://tilttv.blogspot.com


Earth and Moon Viewer

This is a fascinating site that enables you to view live pictures of the earth and moon through the use of satellite imagery. If I followed the directions on the site correctly, the image here should change throughout the day as the sun rises and sets.

There are lots of parameters to play around with. I just know it's a lot of fun! The site is provided by Fourmilab Switzerland and it is developed and maintained by John Walker, the founder of AutoDesk and co-author of AutoCad.

The URL for Earth and Moon Viewer is:

Monday, April 17, 2006

Orbit MP video from Google Video

It seems like my previous post with the demo video does not work with my Yahoo Briefcase. So I uploaded my Orbit MP video to Google Video. It was very easy to create a free account. Now that the video has been approved it is available on the Google Video website. They even generate the HTML code that allows me to embed the video here on my blog.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Logitech Orbit MP QuickCam: TOO MUCH FUN!


For more information about the Logitech camera and software, click here.

I know very little about HTML, but I was able to quickly and painlessly generate the necessary code that provided the embedded video player above thanks to FreeVideoCoding.com

Free Video Coding!