Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wanna Wiki? Then learn from the cool cat teacher

I love Vicki Davis' blog, Cool Cat Teacher. Today she has a MUST READ post for any teacher wondering about wikis. With her extensive experience using wikis in the classroom, Vicki has figured out what to do and, probably more importantly, what NOT to do.

I especially like Vicki's blog because she is a real, live teacher. She does some amazing, incredible, unbelievable things with her students, and yet you have a real sense that she's HUMAN. She understands the frustrations of teaching because she lives them every day. Her blog has great advice about the "nuts and bolts" of teaching with technology, but she also includes at least a weekly pep talk for her readers around the world, like this:
It is a fight to keep positive when you're a teacher. And if you're empathetic (like me) watch out! It can be like living on a roller coaster! However, keeping the hope of a better tomorrow is vital to being a teacher who gets things done. Knowing that you can make a difference is a key ingredient to the recipe of a good education.

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