Monday, August 06, 2007

Handheld Computing 2.0: CPS Links

The creators of the CPS. You can download the latest version of the CPS software here. Also check out the video tutorials for this new software which debuted in July:

MMLA Mathematics Assessments:
Generate MEAP like items for grades K-8 aligned with Michigan GLCEs. It's very easy to use these PDFs as a "fast grade" lesson in CPS. CPS video tutorials:

and even more tutorials on the Tevebaugh Group website:

FSCreations Title Track:
Does your textbook come with ExamView question banks? Find out by searching the FSCreations database. ExamView questions can be used with the CPS.

Kenton County Kentucky CPS lessons:
Lots of sample CPS lesson files can be downloaded here.


P said...

I'd love to know of a Calculus text that has ExamView question banks available.

Jim Dornberg said...

I did a search for "calculus" on the FSCreations TitleTrack website and found these 3 titles:

Advanced Functions & Introductory Calculus ©2003
by C.Kirkpatrick, R. McLeish, R. Montesanto, C. Suurtamm, S. Trew, D. Zimmer Thomson Nelson | Mathematics | 6-12

HRW Precalculus
Holt, Rinehart and Winston | Mathematics | 6-12

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Calculus & Advanced Functions Computerized Assessment Bank ©2003
by Santo D'Agostino
McGraw-Hill Ryerson | Mathematics | 6-12

of course the bad news is you have to actually BUY the text book!