Thursday, August 09, 2007

Microsoft's fresh start for donated computers

Every year schools receive donated computers of all shapes, sizes, conditions, and ages, and every year tech coordinators struggle with the issue of keeping everything "legal" in terms of software licensing and especially operating systems that may or may not be installed.

Microsoft has made the job just a little easier with their fresh start program:
"Microsoft's Fresh Start for Donated Computers program helps primary and secondary (K-12) schools ensure its donated computers are properly licensed—so students and teachers can gain additional access to technology... A school completes a short online application. Once Microsoft has reviewed and approved the application, we will provide the school with a letter that serves as proof of valid Windows 2000 licenses for their donated personal computers. Microsoft also will provide one copy of the software on CD for customers who have received donated personal computers."
To learn more or to apply go to:

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