Friday, June 02, 2006

New Blog Search Feature on Bloglines

I am a huge fan of Bloglines, and recently they added a cool new search feature that makes this service even better!

There is a search box on the upper right that will return a list of blog posts and feeds that match your search criteria.

Best of all, you can then subscribe to your search by clicking on the Bloglines or RSS links.

Here's a better description of this new feature right from the Bloglines News feed:

    • Search for Posts, Feeds or Citations (a.k.a. links).
    • Limit your search to your Bloglines feeds, or exclude them.
    • View additional results for matching feeds & news are offered in the right column.
    • Give us a name and we'll also present you with posts Authored by and About them.
    • Preview 5 most recent posts for any feed by mousing over Preview Feed.
    • Expand the summary to view the entire post inline using the + button.
    • Subscribe to search queries in Bloglines or any other reader.
    • Email the article, or Post it to your Bloglines Blog or Clippings folders.
    • Sort your results by Relevance, Date or Popularity.
    • Filter results by time or popularity on Bloglines. Exclude news feeds (or search only news).
    • Find matching results in up 20 languages.
    • Mobile-friendly search from your pda at

When I conducted a search for Digital Storytelling, I was amazed to find a link to my previous blog post (that I had posted only a few hours earlier) among the results.

What a great feature!

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