Thursday, June 08, 2006

FREE Internet safety guide for parents

USA Today had an interesting article in their Tech section on what parents like and fear most about the Internet (Parents mark Internet favorites and dislikes).

The article featured a couple of quotations from James Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media. This San Francisco based non-profit organization has just released the results of a survey of parental attitudes toward the Internet. They've also begun an educational campaign on their website, and have produced public service announcements to appear in print, online, television and radio.

Featured on the website is a downloadable 24 page PDF entitled "Keeping your kids Internet safe and smart: a survival guide for parents" (free registration is required). The guide contains sections on communicating, social networking, web surfing, downloading, and gaming. Each section explains "What is it?", "Why you should care", "Hot words", and "Common Sense says"

There are also color coded "On", "Off" and "Pause" buttons that explains what is good and bad about each subject, and also what parents and students must be cautious of. This helpful booklet concludes with Internet survival tips for kids, teens, parents, and teachers.

There is a wealth of information about Internet safety available online. I especially like this guide because it seems very up to date with information about social networking sites, and for the very frank advice it offers: "There is no such thing as private on the Internet."

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