Saturday, August 13, 2005

PrimoPDF-- Free PDF conversion software

Although I couldn't find the relevant statistics to back me up, I think it's safe to say that almost every computer has the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Far fewer computers have the means to convert documents to PDF (portable document format) using Adobe Acrobat or some other software. (Those of you who understand PDF may now skip to the next paragraph.) PDF allows computer users to exchange documents electronically even if they don't have the same software. So if I have Microsoft Word and you don't, I can't email you a Word document because you wouldn't be able to open it. But, I can convert my Word document to a PDF and then you'd be able to open it, see it and print it on your computer, assuming your computer is one of the 99.9% that have Acrobat Reader.

I have Adobe Acrobat at work and I LOVE it! It has all the "bells and whistles" that I need and use, and other features that I may never even understand let alone use. But for many people Adobe Acrobat is overkill. It's like buying a Ferrari that you can only drive 65 on the Interstate. I've discovered a wonderful FREE PDF converter-- PrimoPDF at:

Here's a promotional blurb from their website:

-FREE PDF Converter - not a trial version.
-Print to PDF from virtually any application.
-Create PDF output optmized for print, screen, ebook, or prepress.
-No annoying pop-up ads, no registration requirement - no catch!

The site features a support forum, and a user manual that may be viewed online or downloaded as a-- what else-- PDF.

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