Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Google Earth-- must have software!

I am blown away by Google Earth! ( Google calls it "a 3D interface to the planet."

This FREE software requires a high speed Internet connection. Using satellite imagery, Google Earth allows the user to zoom in on virtually any location on the planet. You can type in a city name, a zip code, or address and fly away! Here's a picture I just took of the Hoover Dam.

I highly recommend the Google Earth Community bulletin board ( for all new users. You can download placemarks to famous world landmarks and share ideas for integrating this software in your classroom with other educators (and some very savvy students).

Sorry Mac users, but Google Earth is not available for your computer yet, but Google says they're working on it.

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Jim said...

You have some great resources listed on your blogs. I subsribed to it and will be keeping up-to-date on your blog.