Thursday, August 18, 2005

Art Appreciation 101

I'm not an artist, nor an art teacher, but even I am impressed by the beautiful online exhibit which compares the works of Cezanne and Pissarro.

I came across this site while reading the Christian Science Monitor's Sci/Tech RSS feed. Here's an excerpt from "The friendship that changed painting":

After a brief Splash Page introduction (and a warning about file sizes), the Flash-based exhibition opens into a new window - with a rotating handful of paired paintings and an introduction to the site by Joachim Pissarro. (Curator of the exhibit and great-grandson of Camille.) Compared to the roughly 80 paintings in the physical exhibit, the website makes 48 "selected works" available for online perusal, accessible through three interactive -and interwoven- interfaces.

You can read the entire article here.

I will be sharing this site with a group of Art teachers I'll be working with tomorrow. I hope you'll show it to art lovers and teachers that you know.

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