Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Google Earth virtual field trips to download!

I just received an email from the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC) announcing the addition of several brand new Google Earth virtual field trips that may be downloaded for free from their website. Quoting from the email:

ATEEC just released 7 new virtual field trips created by environmental science instructors. These virtual field trips were created as part our annual professional development workshop- the ATEEC Fellows Institute hosted in Alaska this year. All of these are of course FREE materials from our website (

If you teach science in high school or community college, you'll want to check these out. If you want to learn how to create your own in Google Earth, we also have a guide that shows you how to do it for free.

These are very timely topics with all of the talk of opening up ANWR for oil production.
Here's a description of the Effects of Climate Change VFT from their website: "An excellent exploration of Alaska's vastness and beauty. Plenty of pictures and video to enhance learning. Discover why permafrost is important, the challenges of building on it, and the effects that climate change the ecosystems that rely on it. Part two of this activity will take you to various glaciers in Alaska and around the world. Learn about the effects that climate change has on these receding glaciers and discover what it means on a greater level. Includes an excellent teachers guide to help instructors implement this lesson into their classroom."

And here's a mini-tour video. Please note that you can only see the pushpins in this video, not the pictures and video that are embedded in the VFT.

Climate Change- Permafrost and Glaciers: Google Earth Field Trip from ATEEC EICCD on Vimeo.

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