Friday, August 22, 2008

Mogulus-- your own Internet TV studio!

I've only recently started playing around with It was very easy to set up and get started. Today, while clearing out my overcrowded aggregator, I came across a reference to I immediately set up a new free account, and now I'm playing around with the very cool Mogulus studio.

This site is WAY BEYOND what I was able to do with ustream. You can use multiple cameras, cue up pre-recorded video clips, do storyboarding, have a ticker... very advanced stuff like a real TV station would have in their control room.

You can even embed your TV station like I'm doing here:


Anonymous said...

coolest thing ive ever seen

Jim Dornberg said...

Yep. I love it! Hope it stays free in some format. I'm thinking morning school announcements, graduations, weddings, church services...