Monday, June 09, 2008

This is why you should save your receipts!

Hallelujah! GM has finally agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit related to their "Dexcool" coolant.

They are reimbursing owners or lessees(??) of a variety of GM vehicles that may have suffered cooling system damage due to Dexcool within the first 7 years of ownership. BUT you must have your receipts-- one for proof of ownership, and one for the repair. Luckily, I still have mine even though I sold the vehicle last fall.

Unfortunately for me, I paid for the exact same repair (intake manifold) 4 years after the first one, but 2 years past GM's 7 year limitation.

You can submit your claim online if you can scan your receipts and submit them in PDF format, or you can print and mail the forms in, but you must complete the process by October of this year.

To see if you too may be a "lucky" winner (not really) or for more information go to:

I wonder how long this can possibly take to process all of these claims? Will I see the money before I retire in 6 years?

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