Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Henry Saw Something...

This past weekend while visiting with one of my high school friends, I learned that his son had won a national story writing contest, the "Write On! Wetlands Challenge." How cool is that?!

Each year a story written by a student is turned into a book illustrated by other students. Although entries for this year's contest are no longer being accepted, I still think teachers would enjoy having their students create their own illustrations for Colin's story "Henry Saw Something." It's a great story about Henry the great blue heron's migration from Canada to Mexico. I mean it! It's a wonderful story that will be even better when your students draw their own pictures.

You'll find the story here: http://www.wetland.org/education_writeon_illustrators.htm

But also check out the many other educational materials and resources on the Environmental Concern website.

And congratulations Colin! You're even smarter than your dad!

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