Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ustreaming Commencement

An area principal had an interesting idea: create a live feed of the graduation ceremony and stream it on the school's website. How great would that be for relatives who live out of town, or those who aren't well enough to attend? makes it so easy to do! You can even record your broadcast for later playback. And best of all, is free! I've seen others play around with it before, so today I decided to take the plunge and to try it for myself.

I had previously set up an account, but today I hooked up my webcam and started broadcasting. It was very easy to do, and the embed code is provided much like it is on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

So here I am, typing away at my keyboard, boring you all to tears, I'm sure! I'll try to remember to smile occasionally, and maybe even pretend to pick my nose to keep you entertained.


Cheryl Lykowski said...

What a terrific idea! UStream is great as a live feed and also as a prerecorded broadcast. In my classroom as we were reading Prince Caspian, I would prerecord video questions via UStream every Friday evening for the students to answer for extra credit. I had a lot of participants and the process of recording and posting on our site could not have been any easier! Good Luck!

Jim Dornberg said...

What a great way to introduce students AND parents to this new technology! And you're right, it is SO easy to do!