Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brain Rules

I can't remember now where I first saw this book, but Brain Rules RULES! I just checked it out from the library and I have the book on CD on order. There are lots of applications to teaching.

The author, John Medina, is especially concerned about the lack of physical activity in our schools. He is an advocate of more exercise and activity during the school day. Here's a great quote: "Cutting off physical exercise-- the very activity most likely to promote cognitive performance-- to do better on a test score is like trying to gain weight by starving yourself." He goes on to explain why our brains work better when we're physically active, and he cites Jack LaLanne as the poster child for active brains and bodies into our 90's.

John Medina has a wonderful website with several videos: http://www.brainrules.net/ and here's a slideshare presentation:

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