Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Totally worthless but WAY cool!

I am the choir director at our church. I've wanted to find the episode of Andy Griffith where Barney "sings" a solo-- well, actually, he lip syncs, but he thinks it's his voice. But I digress. is a website that will tell you the next time your favorite episode of a TV show will be on in your area, along with the channel. You can even set your service provider by inputting your zip code and then selecting from a list of providers in your area.

I'm happy to say that "Barney and the choir" is on THURSDAY, May 15 at 7 PM on TV Land. I've already emailed the choir members.

BTW, you can also embed a reminder badge in your blog or webpage like this:

The Andy Griffith Show » Barney and the Choir (Season 2 Episode 20) at

I know, I know, totally useless information, but we all have our favorite shows, and it's nice to be able to set the VCR, Tivo, or DVR to record them.

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