Tuesday, January 08, 2008

FREE digital photography book for teachers!

While perusing the Adobe Digital Kids Club website I came across a link to a free 43 page downloadable book from TrainingBrain.com entitled "Digital Camera & Photo Editing School for Teachers & Students." Although some of the information is specific to an Olympus camera, much of the book would be useful to ANYONE wanting to learn about digital photography.

There are 34 lessons on a wide variety of topics related to photography and photo editing. I absolutely love this advice on how to avoid blurry photos:

Grip- Brace- Breathe- Squeeze

  • Grip the camera, same way each time. Find your own special grip position for both horizontal and vertical camera positions, grip same way each time. Experiment with several different grip positions. Watch out! Don’t let your finger touch the lens.
  • Brace the camera: using arms, legs, body. Brace your arms by pushing your elbows inward against your ribs and gently push down. Brace arms, legs or back by leaning against a nearby wall, tree, table, fence, chair, car window (anything for support).
  • Breath: take a shallow breath, hold it gently. Take an shallow breath and hold it gently. Holding your breath too tight causes camera shake.
  • Squeeze shutter half way down, then all the way down. Push shutter 1/2 half way down to auto focus, hold it, then push all the way down to take the photo. See the green light, this means the subject is in focus, then squeeze. Tip: Holding 1/2 way down allows camera to shoot faster.

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