Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Too cool--

Yesterday I was singing the praises of the Wireless Wizard, and I came across his reference to a free service called Jott.

Jott will record your voice via a toll free phone number, transcribe your message, then send it as an email to whoever you want. And it really works! I've sent a few test Jotts and the words have been recorded and transcribed EXACTLY as I said them! Even words like ubiquitous, Monroe County Intermediate School District, and Afghanistan Banana Stand (I seem to remember that from an old Woody Allen movie).

I can imagine students using Jott to record assignments or important reminders, or even teachers recording assignments for absent students. I can see myself being away from my computer and needing to send someone (or myself) an important email.

Jott will even import any and all of the email addresses in your address book from the major email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, and others. It takes about 2 minutes to set up and you'll be sending Jotts in no time. Here's one of several videos from the Jott website:

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Ballut said...

I think Jott is going to help the education system very well! Like most students(i was one)...they can be lazy and not wanna write something down. BUT like 99 percent of students, they are glued to their cell phones! So Jotting themselves their next assignment would be like a game to them! haha Let's hope students catch on to this!