Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cellphones in the classroom???

I'm getting ready to conduct a workshop on using iPods and cellphones in the classroom. iPods-- sure, a no-brainer-- but cellphones???? Obviously if one has a WEP there are countless websites to use. But what if, like me, you have just BASIC cell service? How can you use a cellphone for anything besides a PHONE???

I'm learning A LOT of great stuff from a guy who calls himself the Wireless Wizard. Check out his blog at: http://www.thewirelesswizard.com/tips-tricks-shortcuts/

There is so much FREE stuff out there that can be done through SMS (aka 'text messaging'), including weather forecasts, news alerts, definitions... amazing! Who knew?

I may have to upgrade my service plan so I'm not paying for individual text messages. This looks really interesting! Can't wait to try these out

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