Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Science and Math videos on Science

There are thousands of videos on YouTube, Google Video, and TeacherTube. But how can you be sure if the content is accurate and free from bias? Check out Science Hack. Here's a post from their blog:

There are a lot of videos on the internet and it is getting very hard to find high quality, accurate and spam-free science videos. ScienceHack is a search engine with one focus: science videos. Every video is screened by a scientist (a university student or a university graduate with a major in a science related field, examples: applied science in physics and electrical engineering). When you search our database you will get relevant and informative results. Moreover, you could browse our videos and you will definitely learn something new. ScienceHack is in alpha release to test the idea and the system. We are always adding videos with a focus on Physics, Chemistry and Space videos for the time being. Please help us test ScienceHack and send us feedback. In addition, if you find good science videos, please send them to us (just the link to the video is fine). As we grow, we will add many more features, including: more categories, comments, articles, related videos, lectures, reviewer section and many more. Please send us feedback with your ideas and feature requests.
Rami Nasser Founder of ScienceHack
Halifax, NS, Canada
May 22, 2007

The site is searchable, or you can browse by subject.

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