Friday, December 22, 2006

Digital storytelling in comic book format

From CNET's

Now you can tell your story in comic book format using Planetwide Media's Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator software.

Here's a quote from another CNET story about the software that I found interesting:
"For us, the Comic Book Creator will allow kids, and families in general, people of all ages, to utilize the product to engage them in the storytelling that National Geographic is all about," said John Dumbacher, senior vice president of licensing at the National Geographic Society.

Although I am not a big fan of comic books (or "graphic novels"), many students are, so this may be a new outlet for their creativity.

Awhile back, Garr Reynolds wrote about a book on his Presentation Zen Blog that I've kept in my aggregator. Learning from the Art of Comics was the title of the post, and in it he recommended buying Scott McCloud's book, Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. Here's a quote from Garr that resonated with me:

...if you read McCloud's book with an eye toward presentations or any other form of storytelling and graphic design, you will find many fundamental concepts and techniques that will surely help you think differently about the power of visual communication and the art of combining words and images. This book is not just for fans of comics — not by a long shot.

Check out the comic book creator website to see the variety of software they sell. Maybe this is another way to create a digital story?

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