Friday, December 15, 2006

Are cheap digital camcorders any good?

Once upon a time there was a classroom teacher who wanted to do a digital video project with her students. The problem was, there was only ONE computer with a firewire port! As you can imagine, this created a logistical nightmare for her and her students.

So I got to thinking... could a cheap digital camcorder be a solution to this problem? For about $100 at Target, you can purchase a camcorder that records on SD cards. These nifty little devices are also digital cameras, mp3 players, and voice recorders and they'll record or playback on VCRs or TVs. Their smaller size means they're easier for smaller hands. SD cards are getting cheaper all the time. So are card readers.

But since I don't have one (yet), I can't be sure of the video and sound quality they produce. Are the video files editable in Windows Movie Maker?

If anyone out there has experience with one of these camcorders, please post a comment or send me an email. If Santa should happen to bring me one, or the boss allows me to order one, I'll be sure to provide my own review and some sample video.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry this is an old post, but I do have a camera like this, an Aiptek brand. It was cheap and very lightweight, and is also editable in Windows Movie Maker. The video quality is not that great and the mic too, but it's a nice little camera. My brand is the Aiptek DV6000.