Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Palm handheld computer tips and tricks

The teachers I'm working with on implementing Palm Tungsten E2 handheld computers have created a tips and tricks notebook. They also log "fatal alerts" and hot synch error messages, and even when they've changed the batteries in the wireless keyboards. We've come up with quite a list in the last 2 weeks. This will help us determine which of the handhelds are most troublesome, and probably in need of a hard reset!

We discovered by accident that the wireless keyboards have an on/off switch that is dependent upon opening the keyboard up correctly. There is a very small, easily overlooked white line and the word "off" located on the left side of the keyboard above the number 1 key. When we slide the top part of the keyboard (the part where the handheld rests) over to the right, the keyboard magically comes to life! Up to that point we were replacing the batteries, and reopening the keyboard (the correct way) without even thinking about it. We'll save a fortune in batteries!

Several of the teachers will be attending the Michigan Handheld Computer Conference in Ann Arbor. I told them that next year they'll be able to present a session on all of the valuable tips and tricks they are learning.

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