Thursday, November 30, 2006

The new Edutopia online-- way cool!

I learned about this resource from David Jakes' The Strength of Weak Ties blog.

Edutopia has a way cool new format that allows the reader to virtually "turn" the pages of the magazine, zoom in, display one or two pages at a time, search for text, print... you've got to see it and try it out:

Can online textbooks in a similar format be far behind?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for mentioning Edutopia's use of NXTbook Media. We're thrilled to be working with Edutopa and are glad you like the format.

Since you're a blogger, I'll point out our most blog-friendly feature -- From inside the digital edition, just click the link button to get the permalink for the page of the magazine you're on. Great way to show people what you want them to see.


Marcus from NXTbook Media

Janet Russeau said...

Hi Jim,

I'm sure you were probably expecting this from me, but do you know if the pages are accessible? Can they be read using screen readers and other assistive technologies?