Friday, November 17, 2006

Mathematics assessment generator

"The Michigan Mathematics Leadership Academy is a partnership between Michigan's regional Mathematics and Science Centers, Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Michigan Department of Education. Our mission is to promote student understanding and skill in mathematics through professional development, curriculum rejuvenation, and professional networking.

MMLA works through the Mathematics and Science Centers to develop teams of knowledgable teachers and consultants who provide services across the state. We set annual goals for instructional improvement based on state and national priorities.

Given the importance of the new 3rd-8th grade MEAP assessments, MMLA compiled MEAP-like assessment items aligned to the Grade Level Content Expectations from several sources (Jackson County ISD, Mid-Michigan Consortium, Manistee ISD, MCTM, NAEP, TIMSS, and others). Math/Science Center teams then gathered from across the state to jury the items. Those items that were judged to be aligned and appropriate are included in this data base. Items will be updated as needed. MEAP released items will be added to this item bank each year. MMLA continues to invite submissions of new items from individuals and item writing groups."

You can create a customized math assessment based on Michigan grade level content expectations (GLCE). The website will generate PDF documents that include the Student Test, Teacher Test, Answer Key, and GLCE analysis.

Teachers that have CPS clickers can use the PDF to create a "Fast Grade" lesson very quickly.

What a great FREE resource!

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