Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Free photo editing software-- Picasa

Those of you who use Blogger probably already know about Picasa software. For those who don't, it's another of the free tools provided by the good people at Google. Picasa does not have all of the features of a Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, but it's easy to use and has just enough photo editing tools to keep 99% of the general population very pleased with the results of our efforts.

Picasa automatically scans and displays all the photos on your computer (I have a lot of old photos eating up my hard drive to get rid of!). The coolest tool has got to be the "I'm feeling lucky" tool. With just one click your photo is automatically adjusted for color, brightness, contrast, etc. Picasa works in conjunction with Hello!, which is described as "a new way to look at pictures with friends and family." This allows you to easily post pictures to your blog, just like I did with my mugshot above. Go Green!

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