Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cool website! I Know That

While perusing some teacher websites a couple of weeks ago I came across a link to This site features dozens of educational interactive multimedia games for students in grades K-6 (maybe even 7 or 8?). The site is divided into the categories of the Arts, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Engineering, but games are also sorted by grade level if you prefer. There is even a teacher guide which explains the various games. The games feature excellent animation and sound effects using the Shockwave plug-in. I had a blast playing the games myself. I really enjoyed the "Bots" in the Engineering section of the website. If you are familiar with Lego Robotics programming, the site would provide an excellent introduction for students. The site is free, and registration is NOT required, but you will see a number of kid-friendly ads displayed throughout the website. For an ad-free experience, teachers will need to purchase a $199 annual classroom subscription. There is also a family subscription available for $34.95 per year. Just think, a few years ago schools spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars for software that had to be installed and configured and periodically upgraded. This website provides all of the benefits with fewer hassles for FREE!

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