Wednesday, August 05, 2009

13 MORE Things: Thing 10- Google Maps

Here's a map that is very helpful for anyone like me who drives around the county from school to school:

View Monroe County Schools in a larger map


Jen Fulwider said...

Thanks Jim! I am from Toledo and really struggle with finding different schools. In the spring, I usually observe all my incoming students in their current classrooms. My aides had to actually draw me a basic map, detailing each stop and every turn. This would rally help out!

Jim Dornberg said...

I did it out of necessity. I can get from the ISD to any school, but if I go from one school to another across the county, I'm never sure which way to go that's fastest. I've learned some of the back roads in Monroe County this way, and which ones to avoid!

I shared the map with a few people in my department, but not the ISD at large.

Thanks for the feedback.