Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This game is addicting!

I follow a lot of great blogs in my Bloglines account. Today, on his Whiteboard Blog, Danny Nicholson shared a site called Physics Games that has a lot of fun games that can be played on a SMARTboard. I found this one, Bubble Quod, to be quite addicting! The object of the game is to escape by finding a sharp, pointy thing that will pop the bubble you are trapped in.

Playing a game may seem superfluous or silly, but they offer a great way to engage students in thinking about the laws of Physics and motion as they plan their strategy for beating each level.

Best of all, each game can be "embedded" in your own teacher web page!


Marty205 said...

This is a good game for students to learn the laws of physics. It would be goo to start them out with this but you would have to make sure they were playing the game for the educational purpose of physics instead of the fact just to play the game. In this game the would learn the rotations and angles to pop the bubbles good game for it but make sure the educational purpose is in affect.

Jim Dornberg said...


Tina said...

Thanks for sharing the physics game site. I will adding this to my bag of goodies to share with my physics students!!! Love the bubble game. This would be great to use as a reenforcement for some physics topics.