Monday, February 23, 2009

Going with the flow

I half jokingly included a Frazz cartoon in an earlier post that I identified with. I have a very bad habit of being distracted during conversations by something in my field of vision that catches my attention. I can't help myself blurting out "look an eagle" or something else I see that I feel is important for my friend (or spouse) to see, even if it interrupts the flow of our conversation for a moment.

Maybe that's why I like using the internet so much-- hyperlinks are everywhere (and now I have a pretty good idea about why they call them "hyper"links). I may start down one road and very quickly end up on another. The Star Trek transporter comes to mind. I can immediately go somewhere else with the click of a button. Eventually I may find my way back to where I started, but it really doesn't matter, unless I'm trying to complete a specific task by a certain date or time.

My twitter network provides me with numerous links each day. Likewise my bloglines feeds. There isn't enough time in the day to look at all of them, but when I do look at some I can't help feeling like a kid turning over rocks, just wondering what kind of bugs I might find. Or maybe a prospector panning for gold. There are so many wonderful internet resources still to discover and then to share with others either by blogging, tweeting, emailing, or through social bookmarking.

And for me at least, the best discoveries are those that occur seemingly at random-- starting one place, clicking to another, and so on. If only I allow myself time to go with the flow.

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