Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Create an interactive Google Map

I highly recommend you allow your students to create an interactive Google Map like this one I've created of Washington DC. Not only can students use Google to find important landmarks to include in their map, but they can also customize the "bubbles" to include pictures and hyperlinks to other websites. It's even possible to embed YouTube videos (click on the pushpin for the National Air and Space Museum to see an example).

When your map is finished you can embed it on a class webpage, wiki, or blog. Your students can work collaboratively or individually, but a Google account will be necessary to save your maps.

It's possible to do the same thing in Google Earth, but using Google Maps will allow your students to update their map from any computer with internet access, and without the need to install the GE software.

Create a Google Lit trip, a History trip, examples of landforms or biomes... The possibilities are limited only by your creativity!

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