Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New layer in Google Earth-- view art masterpieces up close

View these works of art in stunning high resolution-- see brush strokes and even cracks in the paint. I hope there's more galleries to come. Wouldn't it be incredible to see the most famous paintings in the world this way?


Amy Brown said...

WOW! Now this is the way to teach Art! WONDERFUL detail! The benefits of seeing the detail is just incredible! I use google Earth now with my students when "we go around the eARTh" in Art, but I didnt know they had this!

This would completely change my program! It would change the way I teach. Could you imagine doing this on a large smartboard!? Today I teach from a picture on the computer, an overhead printed out on my terrible printer or from a poster! (how boring compared to what it could be)

See money should just grow on trees!

I love this technology, I just hope this doesn't discourage people from traveling to see the "real thing".

Jim Dornberg said...

On the contrary, at least for me, when I see something like this I WANT to see it in person! I'll just pick some money off that money tree and off to Spain I go!

Oh how I wish all teachers had SMART boards!

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