Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My first Eye-Fi photo

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I just got my Eye-Fi Share card today. This amazing SD card turns my digital camera into a wireless device, and it was VERY easy to use.

In about 2 or 3 minutes the card installed the software on my computer (connected to a USB port with the included card reader), I created my Eye-Fi account, connected the card to my home wireless network, and configured the software to send my photos directly to my Flickr account.

Then I popped the card into my Kodak digital camera, snapped this photo of yours truly, and within a minute the picture was sent via wi-fi to my computer, and from my computer to Flickr. That's right, no more USB cables, the pictures are automatically transferred.

I don't know if I can use the Eye-Fi on more than one wireless network or on more than one computer, but I am very pleased that it worked as advertised. Now I can share my photos with relatives and friends that live far away within minutes after I take them.

I got my Eye-Fi Share on Buy.com for $60 shipped (it retails for $99). They also make two other products. Check out the details on their website: http://www.eye.fi/ Their most expensive card automatically geotags your photos and will upload them from anywhere (if I remember correctly) that there is wireless access.


Ziv said...

Yup, you can add as many wi-fi networks as you'd like. Just pop the card back into the reader, log into the Eye-Fi Manager, go to Settings, and add as many wi-fi networks as you'd like :-) If you add the roaming service, the card will also work on any open network, or at Wayport hotspots (every McDonald, for example). You can also add the geo service :-)

Have fun.

Cheryl Lykowski said...

I want one of these sooo bad but I have Sony cameras and they are proprietary for their memory cards;-(