Monday, November 03, 2008

Wow! Watch this video and be amazed!

This is something right out of StarTrek, only it's here right now! Controlling a computer with only your thoughts!

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Sunshine said...

How about that CNN Brain Power video!!! I am truly amazed at the power of the human brain. The BCI, brain computer interface, has given new hope to many with disabilities. Who would have thought that something of this magnitude can actually happen? It must be very uplifitng and rewarding to be a nueroscientist in this day and age of advanced technology. Can you even imagine, really invision, our future?
Inspiring stories like this make me appreciate how facinating our bodies are. It also encourages me to lead a healthier lifestyle for more BRAIN POWER! (I'll let you know when I can power up my computer without even touching a button!)

Koziol's Corner said...

This is truly amazing. What a breakthrough for those with disabilities. Imagine what we can more can be done!