Thursday, November 20, 2008

MORE resources for K-12 educators

I just received an email from Ricki Chowning from MACUL that mentioned MORE- Michigan Online Resources for Educators.

ALL of the resources are correlated to Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (which we Michiganders affectionately refer to as the "glicks"). Currently there a couple thousand math and science resources (from the former Michigan Teacher Network), and they anticipate 8000 resources within a month. After that, they will add another 55,000 resources through a partnership with Thinkfinity.

You can browse the resources by subject or content expectation, or do a keyword search. My search for "water" resulted in 199 websites! Each site in the list has a brief description with a link to the site, and a full record with even more information about each resource.

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Ideas and Inspirations said...

Wow, I just checked out this site. Information overload once again, but I have been looking for things to teach Michigan History, so I will definately be checking this site out in more depth when I have some extra time.