Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Get Human

This has nothing to do with education, but everything to do with saving one's sanity.
The database has a listing of 500 or so companies, businesses and government agencies with phone numbers (many of them toll free) and instructions on what combination of buttons to push (or the magic words to say) to talk to a real live human being ASAP. I am so tired of hearing how important my call is while listening to menu after menu of options, and pushing buttons like a trained lab rat. What I really need is to talk to a representative, even if they are 1000's of miles away. Gethuman really helps speed up the process.

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marmus said...


Please take a look on That's a project that we have been working on. It's similar to GetHuman, but we take the idea to the next level and connect you with a live operator at many US companies.