Saturday, February 10, 2007

This made me smile!

The inspiration for this post came from a Kathy Sierra blog post, and ABC's February 9 episode of 20/20.

Kathy wanted to know who'd you make smile today? and it offers some great advice (as Kathy's posts usually do) about how important it is to remember to smile and to make others smile.

The 20/20 episode was all about YouTube and and all the Web 2.0 stuff. It talked about how when videos (like the one below) go viral, and how some regular, ordinary people have gone on to have their own TV shows, or commercials for big time players like Nike (like this song by the group OK Go did).

I had seen the Nike commercial before (and it uses treadmills too), but I hadn't seen the original music video before, even though my sons had seen it on MTV. It really made me smile because it is so creative, the song is catchy, and you can tell the band members are having fun doing it. One of the band member's sister did the choreography for this video, and a previous video the band did. I really like it because although the treadmill routine is very complex, the video is, overall, very simple. It isn't overproduced, the camera stays in one place (as opposed to 1 or 2 second jump cuts that make me dizzy), and the set and wardrobe(?) are very plain.

I had to put the OK Go video right on my blog so that I'll always be able to watch it whenever I need to smile.

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