Thursday, September 15, 2005

FREE LEGO Digital Designer Software

This free software is available for both Mac and Windows. The LEGO Digital Designer software allows you to create virtual LEGO models, and then to upload and share your creations with other designers on the LEGO website. Likewise, you can download models from other designers.

The software also keeps track of the pieces needed to actually build your model, and you can then purchase the bricks you need from the LEGO online store.

There are even 6 brief tutorials on such topics as how to build a flat roof, and how to build a basic house or a basic car.

Sure, it may not be as much fun as the real thing, but it's a lot easier to clean up and you'll never step on any LEGO pieces with your bare feet.

The picture is a car created by Julian Li, a 28-year old from Hong Kong. I downloaded this car from the LEGO site and took a screen shot of it in the LEGO Digital Designer Software.

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