Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have you seen MakeUseOf?

We all know how difficult it is to stay current with all of the great, informative websites that are out there on the Interwebs. I use Delicious and Twitter to help me "filter" the best sites from all the rest, and I subscribe to numerous blogs in my quest to find, try, and share the best sites with the teachers I serve. is one of my favorites.

At least once a day I find something useful, practical, amazing, or just plain FUN! For example, we are contemplating upgrading to Windows 7, and MakeUseOf just published an article on that very topic: What You Need to Know About Windows 7

They also have a growing collection of in-depth PDF Guides on such topics as Photoshop, Twitter, iTunes, online movies, Linux...

And if you could use a laugh, check out their Geeky Fun page of links.

I highly recommend you add MakeUseOf to your Bloglines or other RSS aggregator, and if you are on Twitter you can follow @makeuseof


Mary Ann Cyr said...

This site is full of great ideas. You make it easy to maneuver through it. The links to very informative information are amazing. Know that I will be sharing this with my teachers. Look at all of the people you are affecting with your site.

Amy Franco said...

This website is absolutely packed with great, easy to use, ideas and links. I especially liked the music sites and educational links in MakeUseOf. My district has identified several areas in which we need to demonstrate notable improvement. Two of those areas are English as a Second Language and vocabulary development for all students. VerbaLearn has a great program for vocab. development, and the ESL sites are loaded with great strateies.