Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'll have to experiment with this. Similar to Jing, but all web-based as far as I can tell. Recordings are saved in flash format and hosted on the ScreenToaster website. I don't know if audio recording is available, but I do like the captions at the bottom of the video. Here's a demo from their site:

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gallo said...

I confirm. Audio and subtitles are now available.

given said...

Additional information: ScreenToaster Grand Opening and New Features / Create No Download Screencasts In Seconds

Among the new features, you may find:

- Live audio capture
- Embed webcam in screen capture
- Accelerated or slow-motion playback
- Pauses during recording
- Download the completed screencast
- Redesign and improved content organization
- Personal profiles

To register, insert your personal data at