Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Discovery Earth Live

This site is similar to Google Earth in that various "layers" are superimposed over Earth. The difference is that the data is very recent-- like precipitation from the past week. You can spin the globe just like in Google Earth, but you can't zoom in or out.

I think this site would be an excellent resource in the hands of a science teacher wanting to show dynamically how weather and climate and global warming are related and the potential consequences. There are also pushpin-like links to news from around the world and interviews with scientists conducting research. I learned about a special mud in Louisiana that protects the coast from large waves, and that the Grand Canyon was created by volcanic activity as well as water.

There are several pre-made "stories" including one on the February tornado outbreak in the southern United States, or you can create your own story from the various layers of information. You're then able to share your story with a widget like the one shown here on La Nina.

Click on the widget below to get to the site, or go to:

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