Monday, October 09, 2006

School Year 2006

I've had a LOOOOOOOONG break from posting to the blog, but now I'm starting to get the bug again.

This school year I'd like to focus my attention on finding those rare and wonderful classroom websites that utilize Web 2.0 technologies like blogs, wikis, and podcasts. I hope to share with you the "exemplars" and the "best practices" from those gifted classroom teachers who are eager to learn and share.

Here are two of my favorites, that I'm sure I've shared before on this blog:

Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Remote Access

By all means, please post a comment and share your favorites.

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Stephanie Sandifer said...

You may be interested in a new resource that I am developing for teachers in my school (and district and the rest of the world) that links Web 2.0 tools with the 9 categories of "Classroom Instruction That Works" (Robert Marzano's meta-analysis of 30 years of education research).

The site can be visited at and everyone is invited to contribute to this growing resource. Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher) has already posted one of her "best practices" in the "Effort & Praise" category.

Stephanie Sandifer